Changing the Face of Dentistry! 
Divas in Dentistry 1st Convention 
October 5-6 2018 in Spain, Benidorm
Women and men are invited!
The Divas in Dentistry 1st Convention is in...
World-class Professionalism
Unlock the knowledge and experience of the world-leading specialists! Attend a Masterclass with Hands-On and boost your expertise to the next level!
Conflagrant Passion for Dentistry
Get Infected by the boundless Passion for Dentistry of our Speakers! Experience 15 best-in-the-class Specialists and Power Women on the same stage sharing their Passion and Experience.
Positivism in Professional and Personal Live
Connect with the like-minded passionate people. Get filled in with Excitement and Power to achieve more in your professional and personal lives.
*Special price for Students €350. Students must bring a valid student ID at time of the event. To book a student ticket here.
Meet our Amazing, Powerful, Brilliant Speakers and 
Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes
New Trends and concepts in Advanced Implantology 
Dr. Ana Luisa Bernotti
Bernotti V-Y flap 
Papilla reconstruction
Bone wedge
Dr. Delia Tuttle
Gum Drop Technique
Dr. Priscilla Pereira
Armonia Estetica Facial Y Terapeutica Con Toxina Botulinica 
(in Spanish)
Dr. Snjezana Pohl
P.E.T - Partial Extraction Therapy
Dr. Sandra Fabiano
Why preserve the Post-extraction Alveolar Ridge: Biological Basis and Clinical Relevance
Dr. Fern White
Find your freedom and take back control of 
your live
Dr. Ruth Delli Carpini
Re-Define your Youth 
Ruth’s Way 
Dr. Morvarid Keshvari
Facial guided smile design. The holistic, emotional and digital dentistry by DSD. From Analogue to Digital. 
Dr. Guzin Kosedag
Emotional Dentistry
Dr. Maria Ramos
Clinical Protocol in Complex Cases
Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao
Sinus Lift Dilemma
Dr. Rita Singh
Dr. Komal Khatri Majud
*Special price for Students €350 Students must bring a valid student ID at time of the event. Book a student ticket here.
About "The Divas in Dentistry 1st Convention" 
Divas in Dentistry Convention is the 1st of its kind event! Join us and experience world-class Knowledge and Professionalism and conflagrant Passion for Dentistry! This is the best event to get filled in with Knowledge and positivism, to expand your network and friendships and to connect with like-minded people!
Date and Venue:
October 5th-6th 2018 in Spain, Benidorm
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